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All the movers did a great job. Great workers! Very nice! We really appreciate them. Thank you and God bless them!

They were all wonderful. Thank you for an awesome moving experience. They were all extremely nice to my 7 year old son who kept wanting to “help”.

Eric and Daniel were great! They were nice and courteous. Very thankful they helped w/ my move.

Alex and Kenny did an outstanding job in delivering and unloading my daughter’s furniture. They were very courteous and professional.

I will recommend them to everyone who is moving. As a matter of fact, I already have. They did an excellent job. Very friendly and professional. Best move we have […]

We had a very stressful transition and move from the old to new residence. The only part that went smoothly was using Mayflower movers, everyone from Mayflower did a wonderful […]

They were an awesome team!! We have children and they were there, they made the move so easy for them. Such amazing men!!!

The entire crew was courteous and helpful. They worked extremely hard and had a great sense of urgency / humor.

Will always call for any moving needs – quality. All people are wonderful and pleasent, I appreciate the customer courtesy and the attention to details. Awesome!



Tips for Packing Up Your Holiday Decorations

By Michel Bayard

holiday decorations

Once the holidays are over, it becomes time to take down all the decorations and put everything back in storage. Packing holiday decorations is never fun, but there are ways to simplify the process.

For fragile ornaments, it is best to keep the original package. If you already threw it away, you can place them in an empty egg crate. This will keep the ornaments from colliding or shifting. This also repurposes what would otherwise be garbage. Another option is to use a holiday cookie tin. Simply roll the ornaments in paper towels, so the delicate pieces are cushioned and cannot be damaged. Tissue paper and bubble wrap are also acceptable to wrap the ornaments. You could buy a double-tray storage box as well. These have compartments for each ornament, and will guarantee that nothing will break. This system also keeps your ornaments from collecting dust.

To make decorating easier next year, you should pack items by room. Separating items by specific areas will help you remember where they went. Rather than searching for a certain decoration in tons of storage bins, you will know it’s in the box for the intended room.

Stockings, tree skirts, table linens, and other fabric items should be washed before being put away. This prevents any stains for sitting too long and becoming permanent. Once they are completely dry, make sure to fold them as this will minimize wrinkles and creases. Use vacuum sealed bags to reduce the amount of storage space required.

Plastic tubs are a great solution for seasonal packing. You just have to account for how much space you need for storage. Do not buy overly large bins that will be difficult to lift. Make sure each tub is labeled, so you can easily find what you need next year. If you find your storage area is too small, you can expand it by installing shelving above your garage doors. This can only be done in homes that have a spacious garage, with lots of overhead room. This will turn previously wasted space into a purposeful addition.

Tangled string lights are an unbearable puzzle to solve, but this headache can be avoided. Separation is crucial, as you do not want the strands of lights to intertwine. After each set of lights have been neatly rolled up, place them in their own bag. This will save you from unnecessary trouble when decorating next year.

For your tree, you can use a bag specifically designed to pack Christmas trees. Place the bag at the base over the tree skirt, and then lift the bag to completely cover the tree. It is important to keep your tree in an area that is between 40 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. White, frosted, and flocked Christmas trees do not do particularly well in high-humidity or extreme temperatures.

If you would prefer not to pack up your holiday items, you can always hire a professional to do it for you. Safeway Moving & Storage offers exceptional service at an affordable price. We have trained experts who will pack your belongings with extreme care and consideration. We can assist with every phase in the moving process, so you don’t have to worry about anything. We are located in Lexington, KY and provide service to the surrounding area.