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All the movers did a great job. Great workers! Very nice! We really appreciate them. Thank you and God bless them!

They were all wonderful. Thank you for an awesome moving experience. They were all extremely nice to my 7 year old son who kept wanting to “help”.

Eric and Daniel were great! They were nice and courteous. Very thankful they helped w/ my move.

Alex and Kenny did an outstanding job in delivering and unloading my daughter’s furniture. They were very courteous and professional.

I will recommend them to everyone who is moving. As a matter of fact, I already have. They did an excellent job. Very friendly and professional. Best move we have […]

We had a very stressful transition and move from the old to new residence. The only part that went smoothly was using Mayflower movers, everyone from Mayflower did a wonderful […]

They were an awesome team!! We have children and they were there, they made the move so easy for them. Such amazing men!!!

The entire crew was courteous and helpful. They worked extremely hard and had a great sense of urgency / humor.

Will always call for any moving needs – quality. All people are wonderful and pleasent, I appreciate the customer courtesy and the attention to details. Awesome!

Common Moving Mistakes

common moving mistakesAs a professional mover, we often hear about horror stories from the clients we move. If this is one of your first moves you might make some of these common moving mistakes yourself. Hopefully this will give you an idea of some of the things to avoid when you are moving.

Plan, Plan, Plan

One of the worst things we see when people move is that they get in a hurry or don’t judge how big a job moving is. You really need to plan every aspect of your move even if you are only moving a short distance. Moving disrupts many areas of your life and planning ahead can help you avoid many of the common moving mistakes people make. Find a good moving checklist that will work with your timetable and use it.

Take Your Time

Next to planning for your move and getting really organized, taking your time to get everything done is another area where common moving mistakes occur. People often don’t realize how much easier it is to begin packing or organizing your belongings way ahead of moving day. You don’t want to move things you never use or have a bunch of boxes you have no idea what to do with. If you take your time and go through your items slowly, you can often find a good home for the things you no longer need. This is a win-win for everyone.

Don’t Do Too Much Yourself

We hear stories all the time where people have hurt their back moving or where someone has tripped over moving boxes and stuff laying around on the floor. If you can have a professional mover pack and move your items. They are trained to lift and move things properly so they don’t get hurt and they take good care of your belongings. Hiring the right moving company is essential. You want to make sure in the unlikely event something got lost or broken that you would be covered under their insurance. We have heard stories of customers who thought they were saving money moving themselves, only to find that in the long run it cost them more because a large piece of their bedroom furniture was ruined in the process.

Stay in Contact With Your Moving Company

When it comes time to move, you want to make sure you and your movers are all on the same page. Don’t assume anything. This is a hectic time and it is easy for misunderstandings to occur. Try to get everything in writing and make sure your estimates include everything. Most sources agree having 3 estimates from reputable moving companies will give you the best price. Make sure you base your decision on not just the price though. Get references and go with a moving company that has been in business a long time and has a good reputation.

Avoid Common Moving Mistakes

If you plan ahead, take your time, don’t over do it yourself and keep in good contact with your moving company, you should be able to avoid the common moving mistakes we hear about. We would love to come alongside you and be your moving company. We take pride in offering excellent customer service and we have a great reputation for getting the job done quickly without loss or damages. If you have questions about your move or need a free estimate, call Safeway Moving and Storage in Lexington KY.