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All the movers did a great job. Great workers! Very nice! We really appreciate them. Thank you and God bless them!

They were all wonderful. Thank you for an awesome moving experience. They were all extremely nice to my 7 year old son who kept wanting to “help”.

Eric and Daniel were great! They were nice and courteous. Very thankful they helped w/ my move.

Alex and Kenny did an outstanding job in delivering and unloading my daughter’s furniture. They were very courteous and professional.

I will recommend them to everyone who is moving. As a matter of fact, I already have. They did an excellent job. Very friendly and professional. Best move we have […]

We had a very stressful transition and move from the old to new residence. The only part that went smoothly was using Mayflower movers, everyone from Mayflower did a wonderful […]

They were an awesome team!! We have children and they were there, they made the move so easy for them. Such amazing men!!!

The entire crew was courteous and helpful. They worked extremely hard and had a great sense of urgency / humor.

Will always call for any moving needs – quality. All people are wonderful and pleasent, I appreciate the customer courtesy and the attention to details. Awesome!

A Guide To Moving With Young Children

A Guide To Moving With Young ChildrenA Guide to Moving With Young Children will help you and your family tackle the job of moving with less stress and more enjoyment.   Moving can be hard on everyone and children especially. You will find moving requires careful planning. Following this moving guide will ensure your kids make great memories and that they don’t get too upset by the move.

A Guide To Moving With Young Children

Before You Move

  • Long before the movers come to pack your home, tell your children about the move. Involve them in the planning process when you can.  Help them prepare for the move ahead of time.
  • If they like to read or be read to, pick up a few books about moving to help your children process the idea and understand the process.
  • When you declutter the house, take your kids to grandmas or hire a baby sitter. Don’t be in too big of a hurry to get rid of special items your kids like. Wait until they are settled in to the new home.
  • Take pictures of the old house and friends your child is close to. Consider hosting a good-bye party.
  • Visit the new house and take pictures there too. Discuss which room or rooms your children will have and any plans you have to make them their own.

During The Move

  • If you are packing yourself, allow the kids to pack their things. Suggest they decorate and label the boxes.
  • Pack the children’s room last and don’t pack their favorite things until the very end.
  • Make a moving trip sack or box to take with you. Include fun things to do and favorite toys or blankets.
  • Hire a babysitter for small children on moving day or when you plan to pack the delicate items.
  • Forget about routines when they seem impossible. Try making memories by eating out, stopping for afternoon ice cream or allowing your kids to stay up late.

After the Move

  • If you haven’t already made a safety check of the new home, make sure you do soon. Discuss with your child any area of the home or their surroundings that could be dangerous.
  • When possible, unpack children’s rooms first. Try to show your child some things are familiar and not everything is new.
  • Stick to family routines and family traditions as much as possible. Keeping your child on their normal schedule will help their behavior. Relax and don’t try to do everything at once.
  • Explore new areas with your children. Try taking a walk around the neighborhood or drive to town in the car. Plan to do some fun things after the moving is done.
  • Help your kids make new friends. Sometimes just placing toys in the front yard and hanging out together will offer opportunities for the neighborhood kids to join in.
  • Don’t’ forget kids love moving boxes. They will spend hours making forts and decorating houses if you let them.

Moving with children can be difficult. The more you think about their needs and plan ahead the better off your children will be. Moving can be a fun, exciting adventure to the young and old. If you have questions about A Guide To Moving With Young Children or need help with moving and storage in Lexington, Call Safeway Moving and Storage and we’ll be happy to help.